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According to your horoscope, is a major growing year, Scorpio, and much of what you reap in the way of rewards comes from efforts made in the past. This is a long time, so you should take advantage of the benefits of this position: persuasion power, mental strength, analytical capacity, talent for research and investigation, interest in psychology and different deep, subtle, or even mysterious topics, and the ability to protect yourself against its unpleasant influence: excessive critical sense, negative thoughts, anxiety or phobias, nervous tension, the tendency to manipulate other people.

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Finally, you can reap the fruits of your labor, Scorpio! In the next 13 months, Jupiter transits the domain of financial resources obtained from work, self-esteem, and things that make you feel safe, so you will have the opportunity to stimulate these areas.

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Your abilities and talents will increase, you will work more efficiently, you will get rewarded, your self-worth also has to gain, and hence new possibilities come your way. It is a sensitive position because, although very romantic, Neptune has a deceptive influence, tending to promise a lot and do little.

Scorpio is one of the two signs affected by Mars retrograde. They will show determination in their projects.

However, they will feel overwhelmed and exhausted because they will not be able to fulfill all their tasks. By nature, those born under this sign are not the most communicative people in the world, and they express their feelings only in front of very close people. This is why they are not going to face any communication issues or, at least, not significant ones.

At work, minor tensions can occur with the most sensitive coworkers under the influence of Mercury , but this will not prevent the development of the projects already started by the Scorpio. However, it would be wise to take a margin of error and to show diplomacy and patience. Additionally, during these three weeks, the Scorpio should quit being sarcastic and ironic. It will not matter if the relationships are intimate, personal, family, business, work, or social; they will tend to maintain the norm.

If you in a relationship now, you will have the same relationship at the end of the year. It is a time of togetherness and what is together, stays together. A boundless love, a loving kindness, a gift, sharing. All these touch our hearts and make a story to remember. Fortunes gained and lost, wagers won and lost, starting from nothing to making it to the top of the mountain!

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No thieving or robbing. Stay with respectful truth and honesty. Keep the long term in mind. Keep your higher ethics in place, morality intact; visit the sacred place when you need to. Keep learning in every direction. Jupiter is in his own sign and this is like fun to the power of !

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  5. Jupiter lives big in Spirit. The learning potential just took a big leap. The travel quotient has risen 10 fold. Discuss philosophy, spiritualism, the future of the Planet. Take a wider look at justice, economics, politics. Think what it might mean to become a candidate.

    What about human rights. Is living sustainably with clean air and water a human right?

    Scorpio Horoscope - Love, Money, Health, Career

    Does the Planet have rights? Trees, Rivers, Animals, Birds? Is immigration enriching or stealing heritage? Are we in a time of tipping the scales?

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    Can we even communicate about these things without anger ending the exchange? So many people think Sagittarius is easy, but it is hard work to gain an educated perspective without judgment. The taboo topics when I was growing up were money, sex, death and politics. Sex and death are easier now, but money and politics are perhaps the same as ever.

    We are still learning and growing. Perhaps we need to make more time for it, and take the time it takes to do it. Unusual and potent combination! Jupiter fairly streaks through Capricorn, getting to the 27th degree, almost completely through Cap, by May 20, ! At that point it retrogrades and continues in Capricorn until Dec You could be the visitor who is remembered for all the work you did!

    You might be a random traveler, a business consultant, the foreigner who was on a mission to help the people. They might volunteer and you join them to make some kind of profound difference. They need to travel, check out the territories spread the news. If you hire them, send them to the training seminars furthest away or send them to teach it!

    If they have too much routine, they will run away. Their writings may inspire you to start an outstanding business newsletter or monthly report people count on. Jupiter can overdo, so Cappies beware. Know your personal limits and carefully make small trial investments in great sounding whims. Check things out. If you have doldrums or dours, Jupiter can exaggerate your condition.

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    Jupiter in Capricorn can exaggerate the rules, and they are righteous about it, no mincing words or wants! Sagittarius may be a tad disappointed to find some of his favorite haunts, ways of life become limited or access denied. It may be a sad loss. Or oddly, it could conversely and almost perversely be a way through a situation that unfolds later to be a blessing in disguise. Be a little cautious to give over your power with a habitual smile. They might not have your welfare in their hearts, but they look good to the rest of the world, for now.

    If you have to, bide your time. Or you may decide not to take it lying down. If Jupiter in Capricorn is on your side in a good way, and you have clean intent, they can help you get over hurdles, escape being imprisoned, help you build your future! You could work together in behalf of others who may have given up. See your AstroLocality specialist! Not all map lines are positive; some are positive only at certain portions along their length, some are positive appearing but have other hidden factors. If your Jupiter is in these degrees in these signs, you will be having your Jupiter Return!

    Jupiter will bring you big truths or reveal lies. Sometimes it exaggerates your condition, could make it worse, could make it wildly abundantly better! Plans for the future may be magnified, your course changed significantly. Profound circumstances are likely to impinge on special relationships. Long lasting mergers and good marriages are possible. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both!

    Check with your favorite astrologers for the whole picture! May it go well with you…. See the entire Sagittarius Newsletter! Be up on the latest! Appointments as possible at your convenience, email Cerena AstroLogicalNow. Six months 4 degree sequence! Tightly networked chart is going places! Caution and Optimism! Scorpio held powerful events during Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio! The Transit of Mercury was during the stand-still station of Mercury. The Full Moon was the next day, spreading its wings wide open, Taurus grounding, Scorpio taking it all in deeply.

    Nov 19 brought Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center. Jupiter is in Capricorn now!