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Mormonism or Star Children adhere to this Lie. Man becomes God in this Satanic system. That gets you a 1 way ticket to Hell for eternity. Plagiarist Dan Brown in real life. Linked circles numbered form the 4 levels adding to 11 Number associated with the Antichrist and Treachery against God; the total adding to Feeling the Love Amor Yet? Mark Wahlberg is an initiated Hollywood Actor. Nice touch with Sully in theaters, the helicopter shuttle has a Bird Strike.

A bar magnet is made by passing electric current around ferrous material like Iron, heating it above its Curie Temperature approx F and allowing it to cool with the proper molecular alignment.

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The Sun has no ferrous material, Iron or anything else, it converts Hydrogen into Helium through Nuclear Fusion, period. The rig was set ablaze on Weed Day and scuttled on Earth Day. Using the several Trillion Bbls of oil in the Gulf of Mexico? Not in the cards. Why GermanWings? Well folks, better heed their warning; in Kaballah which all Witchcraft really is Warnings ahead of time, knowing the victims can do nothing is required to effect the highest level of Magick.

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Or, you can wait and likely end up in Hell. Where are the Bird remains? Where is it? Canadian Geese do not migrate from New York in January, and do not waste energy climbing Ft in the depths of winter.

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When both engines fail catastrophically, the crew has 1 option; locate a landing site; at Ft on downwind to LaGuardia, the decision seems fairly straightforward; there may be more to this. The movie is full of glaring errors. There was no Blood or Feathers found on the Aircraft; the Cockpit windows would have been covered in bird remains. That would be the last time a pilot would touch the throttles if both engines failed to start. Geese wintering in northern latitudes like NYC rarely fly above food gathering altitude. Neither engine showed any signs of rotational damage from Geese yet both apparently failed simultaneously.

What really matters to me is Truth. Need a war with Russia? Interstellar The movie Interstellar is Saturnian Religion.

One thing that hit me in this movie was Time on the planet in the alternative universe ran 1 Hour to 7 Years on Earth. In Rev , the last of ! Ismailis are so named because they reject God h means God is with me as Esau did to become Edom. Like Relativity, these are Satanic Lies.

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The theology is called Dispensationalism; Amos ; ; cover this Lie; Israel chose the Star of Saturn and shall no more rise. The warning is pretty clear here, the occult version of Wrath is about to start and with it a likely false Rapture. Timed Good pun eh? Why now? Dr Brand therefore claims Love is what transcends Time and Space.

March 20th is followed in 9 months human gestation period by the Winter Solstice; Christ-Mass aka Saturnalia or Festival of Lights may get quite interesting. Kubrick originally planned to have the Monolith at Saturn, but Hollywood felt too many people would see the occult message, so Jupiter was substituted. Man Dr Mann; Cute eh? To become a God one must leave something behind ie his Mass; this to save Dr Brand, the equivalent of Eve whom he is in love with. This same theme was seen in the movie Lucy another name of Light A Tetractys is a 10 dimensional Cube; Time and Space then become the 11th and 12th.

The Tectractys is represented in the movie as a 3-D Circle or Sphere. This same theme is seen with Dr Mann cute name eh? Dr means Church Father of Man inspiring 11 to follow his ideas.

Superman is dressed in Blue and Red because visible Light can be seen across this spectrum. The same theme used in Quetzalcoatl whose return portended the slaughter of native Americans by disease years ago. The true physics is really not that difficult to understand. God forces nobody to do anything against their will.

Jesus God in Flesh promised to return when Creation is years old 2 Pet How close are we? The 2nd Coming? Occultists believe the primordial Black Hole converted infinite Gravity to Energy and exploded to create Matter which is then attracted and bound by Forces in Atoms. The nuclear fusion equations require more and more energy to create heavier elements; where is the Energy coming from? Gravity requires a Transfer of Energy, which requires an Energy supply.

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To the occult, the New Order must be derived by destroying the old order. This is the primary theme in Mormon theology; Dr Mann had his own world and so will they. You can hitch your vessel to Jesus or by String Theory to Saturn but not both. The Oracle of Delphi suggested the island be purged of dead bodies and that nobody should be allowed to give birth or die on the island; hence the Android theme of continually dying over and over in West World.

Delos Synagogue is an Assembly of Samaritans fake Jews built over an ancient Grotto of Zeus, and is considered the oldest Synagogue in existence. The Man in Black Ed Harris is told the entrance to the next level is the center of the maze where the snakes lay their eggs.

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He proves out to be Billy, the Guest, future park owner and love interest of Delores for some 30 years. The next level is Heaven, attained via the Tower of Babel. The sacrifice of America takes the world to the next level. One by one, the park Hosts find the center of the Maze is a Graveyard; West is in fact the Graveyard in Egyptian religion.

Marty McFly? Mike is a crafty little FOX eh? Seeing any patterns developing? Women giving birth to a man-child are to purified according to Lev Any patterns yet? In A space Odyssey, the Black Monolith initiates Ape Evolution, the more fully evolved Apes kill the less evolved ie those who did not partake of the Black Monolith.

The 4 Million year old Monolith re-activates on the moon sending a signal for astronauts to follow to Saturn book correctly used Saturn; movie used Jupiter. The Millennium is the year reign of Jesus Christ on earth, centered in Jerusalem.